Mel Jones' Fundraiser

The construction industry has played second fiddle for occupation for far too many years. It's because of this mentality we have such a shortage in workforce as well as a strong middle class. The construction industry is one of the most important lines of work anyone can get into. It's not easy and it may not be glamorous but construction is the builder of every essential product produced today, and if you think about that it is amazing.

The ability to put this skill and talent into the hands of the next generation is what this program does. We give people a fighting chance with a life long skill of a trade to take and contribute back to society.

The fact that we work with all low income and recently re-introduced citizens is that more important. This program levels the playing field for those from that backgrounds to pursue success.

Please help me in supporting this effort to level the playing field.

Honor Roll

“Great cause!”


Jesse Winterowd
Jun 23, 2022
Oregon, United States


Joshua Lowery
Jun 23, 2022
Arizona, United States


Amie Kromis
Jun 23, 2022
Texas, United States

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Mel Jones' Fundraiser

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Fundraiser created by
Mel Jones
Oregon, United States


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