Pat Daniels' Leveling the Playing Field Fundraiser

Dear Friends & Family,

As some of you might have heard me say before, Constructing Hope has truly changed my life. After praying for purpose when my mom passed in 2004, I was introduced to Irvington Covenant CDC, a program to help formerly incarcerated people get a job. Since 2005 the folks I have helped, hired, taught and come in contact with have taught me so much about the lack of opportunities in our society for life-after prison; especially for black men and people of color. I saw first-hand how difficult it is to re-enter a society that has erased your existence. 

In our 15 years as a state certified pre-apprenticeship training program, Constructing Hope has helped more than 1,000 low-income people in our community start a career in the construction trades. I'm asking you to help me do my part and raise $1,500 for my personal goal towards our $150,000 #LevelingthePlayingField campaign.

Join me today as we Construct Hope in the lives of others in need!

Honor Roll


Jun 21, 2022
Oregon, United States


Lawrence Archer
Jun 20, 2022
Washington, United States

“Thank you so much, for keeping me in the loop”


Justin Korb
Jun 18, 2022
Oregon, United States

“you go Girlfriend!”


Faye Burch
Jun 17, 2022
Oregon, United States

“Thank you for your help and support”


Jimmy Nguyen
Jun 15, 2022
Oregon, United States


Helen Spector
Jun 14, 2022
Oregon, United States


Patricia Daniels
Jun 13, 2022
Oregon, United States

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Pat Daniels' Leveling the Playing Field Fundraiser

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Pat Daniels


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